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General Contracting

General Contracting
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General Contracting

AGRA, as a General Contractor, manages all aspects of each project. This includes hiring and supervising subcontractors, managing site security and safety, procurement, and scheduling inspections. We schedule and oversee all the subcontractors, such as mechanical, electrical, or equipment procurement, to ensure that the job is done to your satisfaction.

AGRA also works with engineers and designers to make sure a project is completed to your specifications. We will also act as your main contact throughout the project and utilize Primavera project scheduling to provide you with advanced scheduling collaboration tools, action alerts, and centralized project information.

Project Management

AGRA assists in the bidding phase of major projects, determining scope, budgets and schedules. After a project is assigned, detailed drawings are developed, reviewed and finalized. Our Scheduler works with you to finalize the project schedule and develop a site-specific organizational chart.

Detailed bid packages are developed for various phases of construction. (Concrete, Pre-Engineered Buildings, Carpentry, Electrical, Controls, etc.) These bid packages include owner’s safety requirements, AGRA Construction Safety requirements, OSHA requirements.

Reviews are conducted for budgets, job costs and payment applications as required per contract.

Regular site visits and biweekly on-site progress meetings are conducted with the owner to review site safety, schedule and issues.

Site Superintendent / Foreman - AGRA Construction

This member of your AGRA project team:
• Oversees work performed by subcontractors to ensure proper scope execution.
• Conducts weekly site progress meetings with subcontractor’s foreman and/or project manager.
• Reviews site safety audits.
• Reviews the past week for progress and makes recovery plan if anything has slipped in the schedule.
• Maintains a two-week look ahead to be sure subcontractors are prepared and have material needed to do the work.
• Makes quality assurance inspections on all work preformed:
   - Site layout.
   - Concrete inspections – check layout of rebar, anchor bolts, in-bed plates, concrete form layout, dimensions, and elevations.
   - Pre engineered building layout, and installation.
• Oversees:
   - Equipment installation, layout, and location.
   - Millwright layout and installation.
   - Electrical installation, layout, and location.